Flies in the Ammo Shack

(A Vietnam Battle story about Flies, 1971)

It was a scorching afternoon within the ammo dump, contained in the ammo shack-consisting of two rooms, partitions made out of plywood, flooring or inlays of lengthy picket boards-flat timber for probably the most half, you would see by their cracks, positioned crooked alongside each other; additionally the shack was a smite lopsided, nearly wobbly, and really damaged. Planted on 4 by 4 beams beneath the floorboards, a few half foot excessive, amongst the delicate white sand that surrounded it, giving a playground for the lizards to interact in recreation, unnoticed.

I carried a semi outdated ‘Stars and Strips,’ journal with me after I needed to go to the ammo shack (the place us troopers did our paperwork for allocations and distributing of ammunition to the convoys arriving from a number of areas throughout the neighborhood.

I carried that outdated ‘Stars and Strips,’ journal for a month, till a brand new one got here out, and used it to swish away flies. They have been all over the place within the ammo shack-we have been infested with them, with their buzzing round as if we have been invaders: fats and skinny bellied information; some darkish others gentle shads of darkish, lengthy and brief winged flies, biting your arms and face, and ears, behind your neck, swarming round you, sneaking up your shirt sleeves, diving into your eyes as in the event that they have been small punishing missiles, educated by the Vietcong to harass you.-me, us!

There have been useless or dying flies, additionally strolling flies on all of the three desks throughout the two rooms of the shack, filling the environment with putrid particles, aiming in the direction of one’s mouth, however fairly content material in the event that they missed, and easily landed in your lips. They contaminated every part, clinging, and climbing, and even some crawling, of their quickest gait attainable, particularly the massive fats bellied ones, they’d attempt to get away however I might swat them, sadly leaving a dumpy-bloody mess, I actually tried to easily scare them away, however like I stated before-or implied, they have been already brained washed and able to sacrifice their lives for the trigger.

I waited patiently these lengthy scorching days for the solar to go down, so I might get the hell out of there and get again to base camp and get drunk, and neglect these nasty pests!

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