Health tooth care

Health tooth care
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Follow American textbook,


a dog should have to abrade the limestone every 6 month. Here will help in about health tooth care of your dog, what is the equipment must use in health tooth dog care?


During you brush the tooth the toothbrush will sweep left remnants stays to follow tooth nook goes out and help brush the teeth cleanly. The shape of dog tooth and that cat are different, and different from person. If you using toothbrush of a person will brush one's teeth animal may will can use but not convenient extremely. If have to use give choose the head that rather tiny and long. The majority has already in animal will use to modify brush the teeth that insert suit a thumb of an owner, brush the tooth with a puppy and cat child.

Usually we don't use a toothpaste for a person in brushing tooth a dog because the substance is make foam. Which substance that should not swallow to have diarrhea and will cause the irritation of intestines, due to animal can not rinse one's mouth. Many toothpastes of a person has many taste smell, menthol taste which person likes but animal doesn't like. Animal will like taste meat gang , chicken taste , liver taste etc.

Spray clean the tooth
Some animal doesn't like to clean the tooth, must use spray clean, spray will dissolve food slough.

The food polishes limestone slough
Animal that don't like the tooth cleaning, food alms has that can wipe the limestone that one choice and should give everyday. In a dog’s report from the research, food alms wipes effective good limestone equals to brushing.

The thing that should do and should not do in health tooth dog care

  • - Don't use a toothpaste that apply to a person use with dog.
  • - Don't brush the tooth without toothpaste.
  • - Inside tooth of dog may not brush, because of saliva of dog can wipe.
  • - Should clean dog tooth at least 1 a day time.


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