Stuttering Myths And Speech Therapy

With regards to stuttering myths we have heard all of them. Not solely can we not like them as a result of they’re myths, we really feel it is necessary to particularly deal with each. So right here goes…

Myths about stuttering

Fantasy: Those that stutter usually are not as sensible as those that don’t.

Actuality: The truth is that there’s completely no hyperlink by any means between stuttering and intelligence. There are many medical doctors, legal professionals, and school professors who stutter.

Fantasy: Individuals stutter as a result of the state of affairs they’re in is making them nervous.

Actuality: Stuttering is under no circumstances brought on by nervousness. It will even be a grand mistake to imagine that those that do stutter are by some means extra liable to being extra fearful, nervous, anxious, or shy than the remainder of us.

Fantasy: By imitating somebody who stutters or being round somebody who stutters on a regular basis stuttering could also be “caught”.

Actuality: Nothing may very well be farther from the reality. We do not truly know the precise causes of stuttering. Researchers are seeing clues that time to household historical past / genetics, neurological growth and the kid’s atmosphere, together with household dynamics, as attainable causes. It appears that evidently all of theses play some function within the onset of stuttering however at this level it is all nonetheless unclear precisely the place it comes from.

Fantasy: An individual who stutters can management their stuttering by merely taking a deep breath earlier than they converse or by fascinated about what they need to say earlier than talking.

Actuality: Changing into extra self-conscious by using these methods not solely doesn’t assist, it truly could make the stuttering far worse. A greater response is to encourage an individual who stutters by being a affected person listener after which modeling sluggish and clear speech therapy for toddlers.

Fantasy: Stuttering could also be brought on by stress!

Actuality: Whereas there may be little doubt that stress can worsen stuttering there isn’t a fact to the parable that it causes it. As already said, there a a number of contributors to the reason for stuttering however stress is just not one among them.

Fantasy: Stuttering is incurable.

Actuality: You converse with and see individuals on tv and listen to individuals on the radio on daily basis who’ve stuttered in some unspecified time in the future of their lives. Most definitely the explanation you not hear them stuttering is as a result of they’ve labored with a licensed speech therapist, receiving speech remedy to beat their stuttering to the purpose that it’s not a thought or concern.

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