Summer hair care

Summer hair care
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Professional dog groomer advice for summer grooming:


1. Brush. Don't clip your dog's coat to the skin for the summer. Long hair might look hot, but it helps insulate your dog's skin from the sunshine , He says. Shaving the coat also increases the danger of sun bite and skin cancer, especially in breeds with double undercoats, such as Chow Chows.


He suggest regular brushing , rather than shaving, to get rid of dead and surplus hair. Use a wide-tooth metal comb and a slicker brush, which has two levels of pins that remove mats and dead hair . "Be sure to brush against the coat and then with the coat, but not so hard that the bristles injury your dog's skin," He says. "Brush to distinguish the coats. Then use a wide-toothed metal comb as a follow-up."

Regular grooming not only helps check summer shedding, but also helps you spot fleas, ticks, and burrs, He says.

2. Bathe. You might need to bath your dog more much in summer, so use a mild, herbal shampoo with flea repellent ingredients. Always brush your dog before bathing to prevent mats. After towel drying your dog's coat, use a handheld hair dryer to dry the coat completely. The air from the dryer distinguishes the hair and helps you find any ticks or fleas.

3. Block. Fit a T-shirt (with the arms cut out) around the body of dogs with little or no coat. Dab waterproof sun block lotion (SPF 15 or higher) on the nose, ears, and foot pads before taking your dog outdoors. The ingredients in the sun block won't hurt your dog if she should lick at them, He says 


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