Continuous Brazing Services for Stainless Steel

Stainless-steel is valued for its power, clear look, and corrosion resistance. To retain these qualities via the brazing course of, the metallic have to be heated in a furnace that eliminates oxygen from the heating environment. To perform this, a furnace should apply a vacuum to the heating chamber, or stop oxygen from getting into the chamber with particular design parts, notably:


  • Curtain bins
  • Directional movement management valves
  • Separation of the stack and hood
  • Door openings that stop oxygen infiltration


These parts are present in environment managed steady furnaces, which use a conveyor belt to move assemblies via the heating chamber in a steady movement. Furnaces that use a vacuum to take away oxygen don’t use a conveyor belt. Quite, assemblies are positioned in a number of heating chambers, the place they continue to be stationary via the heating course of.

Selecting the Proper Furnace

For brazing chrome steel, an environment managed furnace and a vacuum furnace present the identical profit: an oxygen-free heating environment. Nonetheless, there are particular cases the place one furnace is most well-liked over the opposite.

A vacuum furnace is most well-liked when assemblies want the very best joint power. For instance, as a result of g-forces they encounter, assemblies for aerospace tools may have stronger joints than assemblies for cars. As a result of vacuum furnaces take away all gases from the heating chamber by making use of a vacuum, the potential for oxide forming between the filler metallic and base metal-thus weakening the joints of the assembly-is eradicated.

A steady furnace that options the design parts above additionally prevents the formation of oxide, however the technique of prevention is completely different than with a vacuum furnace. As an alternative of making use of a vacuum to the heating chamber, the furnace fills the chamber with an environment of nitrogen, hydrogen, or a mix of the 2. Whereas oxygen causes the chromium in chrome steel to oxidize at excessive temperatures, nitrogen and hydrogen assist stop it from oxidizing.

A steady furnace is used when assemblies require customary joint power, have to be produced in massive manufacturing runs, or are wanted on quick order. Automotive components, fence parts, and piping for industrial and industrial functions are examples of assemblies which can be generally heated in a steady furnace.

Metallic remedy corporations that provide steady brazing companies can type nearly any sort of meeting utilizing a steady furnace. For the meeting to suit contained in the furnace is the one requirement. If an meeting is just too massive, it may be brazed with an acetylene torch, with particular care taken to stop oxidization and discoloration on the joints.


Chromium – the aspect that provides deurbeslag RVS its resilient shine – is liable to oxidize when it’s heated in an oxygen environment. Consequently, an oxygen-free environment is used for brazing chrome steel. Typically, this environment is achieved by utilizing a vacuum furnace or an environment managed steady furnace. If you could outsource a big quantity of brazing work, contacting a metallic remedy firm that provides steady brazing companies is the best choice.

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